At first glance this is yet another one of those (many) articles about how to use LinkedIn.  But this is the first one that I've seen in a long time which touches on the important topic of Trust.

When most people use LinkedIn, one of the first things they do is to try and look Competent and Confident.  That's fine up to a point, but one of the most important things we need to know when viewing or meeting new people is whether or not we can trust them.  Once we can get a sense of trust, then things can move forward and relationships can develop through dialogue - often based on something you have in common with the person you're viewing.

Build trust on Social Media by:

* Having a professional but friendly photo.  Smile and have an open expression.  If your hands are visible in the photo, try to have your palms open and facing upward.

* Wherever possible (and you can on LinkedIn), include video of you speaking direct to camera.  Be friendly, stand upright and use open hand gestures.

* Don't be over-salesy in your profile and try not to look cocky in your achievements.  Focus more on what you can do and how you can help rather than too much on what you've done in the past.

* Focus on what you can GIVE to help other people - remember, networking is not about you!

* Offer a variety of different ways for people to make contact (many people don't include their contact details on LinkedIn)

Work on building trustworthiness first and you'll find it easier to make great connections.