As Gen Y matures to where it has a much greater share of the spending power of hotel guests, hotel operators need to continue to up their game in developing mobile technologies that will attract an retain these guests to their brands.

It is a myth that millenials are not loyal to brands. They are, but these are not necessarily the large brands of their parent's generation - they are looking for brands that offer a more personalised, customised and local experiential product, not the internationally standardised products of yesteryear.

They also want to know what they are going to get, not because they have stayed in one Hilton and know what all the others will be like. But because they have experienced the hotel they intend to visit online before booking. Photos, maps, local information help sell the hotel.

Hilton's use of Google Maps to map the interior of their hotels, combined with their room selection software helps these potential guests experience the hotel before they book, making conversions more likely.