This is an interesting development from Facebook, but most Facebook users don't realise that you can already sort your news feed by topic.

Most people's Facebook feeds are pretty similar when it comes to the content they see - friends checking into airports, holiday photos, family members' posts, occasional inspirational quotes, a cat video or two and pictures of people's dinner in an airport or next to a pool overseas (you get my drift).

The reason they see those topics is because Facebook shows them more of the content that they have engaged with.  What people don't know though is that you can 'train' your home feed to show you only content that you are genuinely interested in.  One way is to only ever engage (like, comment, share) with posts on topics that you want to see more of e.g. sports.  When you only engage with sports related topics, the Facebook algorithm figures that's what you really like and so shows you more.  You won't completely change your feed to solely sports but you'll see a big difference in what Facebook serves you up.

Another way to do it, is to create lists which you keep in your Favorites down the left side of your home feed.  So for example I have lists for Photography, posts from speaker contacts, posts from clients I have in India, posts from the pages of various rock bands I follow and also posts related to technology and social media.

So unless metal band Iron Maiden start posting cat videos in their Facebook feed, I am guaranteed only to ever see Rock music related content in my Rock list.

If you just want to see Social Media related content in your favourites, why not add my page to your favourites.  You can find it here

As highlighted in the article, there are possible implications for where brands' posts will appear in the new look news feed, but turn this on its head and such a change gives anyone in business a great opportunity to see content from your target market appearing in real-time on your news feed.  Now that gives us all sorts of opportunity...

But there's no need to wait for this change - simply create a list now related to your target market, save it in your favorites and you can stay right on top of what your market is sharing at any given moment in time.

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