To be fair, this article about the future of LinkedIn doesn't really draw any conclusions other than something big 'might' happen.

Despite a recent 'blip' in its numbers, LinkedIn has always had a lot of focus on its shareholders, so its not afraid to ditch a feature which isn't working for them - even if it was a feature that users loved.

For example, there used to be a fantastic Events tool where you could post details of your seminars, workshops, training events etc.  It was a great resource and your event would appear in Google search results just twenty minutes after posting.

There was also an extremely valuable Q&A area (a bit like Quora) where you could get answers to business questions.  Answers were ranked and you'd get a badge on your profile if you were awarded 'Best Answer'.  This sat very nicely with LinkedIn's message that your profile helped to shape your professional identity, credibility and trustworthiness.

Unfortunately they ditched both of these features.  What's more they recently radically changed the look, feel and functionality of their Groups facility which many Group leaders felt was an extremely backward step.  I'm one of them, and frankly it has been a disaster.

In short, expect the unexpected from LinkedIn.  It definitely isn't just a fancy Jobs site and is a powerful and valuable asset to your business when used well - but who knows what could be coming next.

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