There are a lot of Infographics out there on how to use Social Media, and whilst this one is presented very simply there is some useful content worth looking at.

It's important to remember that Lead Generation is just one aim of a typical Social Media strategy, but is probably the most difficult to pull off successfully.

I would add these tips:

1.  Post a lot - several times a day if you can.  My own experience has shown that the more often I post, the more interest I get in my speaking services.

2.  Post at a human level.  People buy people, and whilst this Infographic suggests that people are not put off on LinkedIn by business related content - they are more turned on by human interest content.

3.  Mention followers by name.  People often say that Social Media is all about the tech and the platform, but in fact it's mostly about interacting and engaging with other human beings.  So use people's names as often as possible and you'll be surprised how much more engagement and interaction you can get.