This post is a little lacking in detail but it does make some useful points.

One of which is the very first one - make sure your team is on board.

All too often I see organisations with a Company page on LinkedIn - they post some good content, but forget to do something really important - and that's to encourage everyone in their team to also engage with the post.

And by that it can be as simple as liking and sharing the post.  Those in the team with relevant expertise could also comment on the content.

This one simple activity is literally guaranteed to dramatically boost the reach of each post.  Think about it - if everyone in your team has (say) three hundred connections each on LinkedIn, and you have twenty people on the team - if all twenty were to engage with the post, its reach could be as much as six thousand people just as a starting point.

A Company page is just that - a page about your Company.  But the page is also for your company, so make sure your greatest asset (your team) gets involved too.

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