Yes, yes, yes!

Great to find this post from Katie Lance at the end of the week, because it really gets to the heart of what creating content is all about.  For me this is all about mindset and once you get that right, time becomes the least of your issues.

Having a plan for what you want to achieve with your content is all important and then planning how you are going to find it and get it out there.

"But how do you find the time to do your Social Media Phil?" a question I get asked at just about every speech or training session I give.  And it's true, if you're trying to create great content without having a clear idea of why you're doing it, then you will always struggle and time will be an issue.

I did indeed used to struggle with time for content creation, but the penny really dropped for me when I realised that the regular communication of valuable content that my clients and target market would want to consume was PART of my proposition - not an add-on that someone told me I should be doing.

When I realised that Social Media was actually part of my business proposition, time no longer became an issue.

You see, so many people create content and try Social Media in the hope that it will bring in new customers.  And for some it does - but for most, it doesn't.

When they turn their mindset round to viewing content creation as part of their product and service proposition, then it no longer becomes a chore, a function or a time eater.  

Give through great expertise-based content and the more you will get back.