And here we have some of the best and most succinct Social Media advice that you will ever read in one simple and straight-forward post.

We're getting to the point (in fact we've already got there) where brands are starting to realise what some of us have been saying for years - Social Media is nothing to do with your brand and everything to do with your people.  Unfortunately and understandably that's way to scary for many organisations to get their heads around yet - particularly those in regulated industries.

"Who do we dare to let loose with the keys to the Twitter account?  Who do we dare trust enough to talk to followers and customers on our behalf?"

In fact, with robust training and clear strategy it's important that as many people as possible in your organisation engage on Social Media - and that starts with the man or woman at the very top.

Sales and advocacy for a business usually starts with a conversation somewhere down the line - that's real people chatting on Skype or having a coffee or being introduced at a networking event.  And as Richard Branson does well, it's also about having conversations online.

There's another important point in this article - that of Richard Branson running much/most of his Social Media himself and mentioning people by name.  It's a characteristic of Social Media super-users like Taylor Swift and many of the YouTubers with subscribers in the millions.

People buy People - they always have and they always will.  And they do online too.