I read this and other articles like it with a certain amount of amusement.

Yes. it's clear that the look and feel of LinkedIn is changing and on a daily basis we're seeing more and more posts that you might otherwise have expected to see on Facebook.  All too often those posts attract a few grumpy comments from people saying things like "This isn't appropriate for LinkedIn - it should be on Facebook."

Whilst LinkedIn's home stream hasn't yet completely descended into a tsunami of cat videos, we are starting to see more and more human interest posts appearing.  And guess what - they get significantly higher numbers of likes, comments and shares - some in the tens of thousands.

And so it has always been on Social Media sites - people buy people, and brands wishing to get more engagement on LinkedIn are realising that human interest posts are always going to get more engagement that most of the dull, corporate stuff we often see on the site.

I'm not advocating that LinkedIn becomes the 'professional' version of Facebook, but if LinkedIn wants to grow, then they will inevitably take a leaf out of the Facebook model.