An interesting article which was written just over a week before the referendum vote this week.  

It refers to Nick Carter-Lando who said “If you see something [on Social Media] from a friend you’ll read it with a sympathetic ear; you’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, which you wouldn’t with an MP or some soundbite on television.”

That may well have been the case prior to the vote, but even the quickest of glances at Facebook yesterday and today reveals exactly the opposite - I see many friends actively sniping at each other with some going so far as to unfriend one another on the site.  Many people are exhibiting a palpable sense of grief that the UK voted to leave the EU.

I have always maintained that Social Media is a powerful tool for people to communicate - much more so than brands.  Yet one of the characteristics of Social Media is that many people have a tendency to share much more about their lives and feelings online than they would normally do face to face with a friend.  

Whatever your own views on how the UK voted, we are now seeing deep, intense feelings for how people really feel about our new position in the world - and Social Media has helped to tease it out.  Whether that is a good thing, friends will have to work out for themselves.