This is great, and whilst I don't have it installed myself, one other person in our house has already excitedly showed me where my car is parked on his game.

Behold once again the power of gaming, but even better to see an 'old favourite' in the gaming world doing so well.

What can brands learn from this?  

Ultimately, we're only limited by our own imaginations as to how to include gaming and gamification into our use of Social Media and the Internet.

One tool that I'm using is Rise, which creates Leaderboards which revolve around different communities.  Here I've created a Leaderboard for Conference organisers, Speaker Bureaus and Event Professionals.  It measures their use of Social Media, and using Klout and other metrics creates a regular league table.

It's just a bit of fun, but it consistently drives speaker bookers and conference organisers to my website.