There are some useful tips in this article by Alex Pirouz.  I wouldn't say that the six tips he's chosen are all in my top recommendations, so here are some more that genuinely make a difference to how you are perceived on LinkedIn:

  1. Thank people for looking at your profile - the overwhelming majority of LinkedIn users don't do this, yet I've had clients tell me that they attracted new clients the very first time they thanked someone.
  2. Never send the standard LinkedIn connection request.  Before connecting with someone, always look over their profile and find something in common, then highlight it and use their name in your message.
  3. Give people other ways to contact you beyond the standard LinkedIn connection tool.  Amazingly one of the biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn is not including their contact details - so include your email address, phone number and perhaps even your WhatsApp and other messaging addresses.
  4. Fully complete your profile.  When you do this, LinkedIn puts you higher in search results when people are looking for the skills and attributes that you possess.
  5. Complete the Interests section.  Make sure that you don't ramble when you complete this area - simply list interests with a comma after each one like this:  Running, Travel, Yoga, Heavy Metal, etc.  When you do this, each word becomes clickable and you can find other people who have the same interests as you in common.  You can then filter the results by industry.  [Hint:  this trick is awesome]

That's just a few of my own tips.  There are many more where they came from in my full day LinkedIn training workshops and keynote presentations.