Many column inches have been written about the sheer gall of Instagram to pull this feature out of the bag and whether or not it has the potential to damage Snapchat's dominance.

This move by Instagram is pure gold dust for entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, experts, speakers, brands and organisations - and I've been amazed at how quickly everyone has started using the new feature.  I've been fascinated at the new level of insights that I'm now getting into the people and brands which I follow on Instagram.

And so we come full circle back to the time when we used to sit in caves at the end of a hard day's hunting - and what did we do?  Tell stories.  Both Instagram and Snapchat enable us to do exactly the same but in a modern setting.  Storytelling is at the heart of great Social Media, so dive in.

By the way, check out this great video on the subject of Instagram Vs Snapchat by YouTuber Casey Neistat.