This is one of those posts which you could either love or loathe.

For the marketer, the opportunities can be endless if you get it right.  Personally, I see a lot of ads on Facebook that are usually relevant to me - particularly for products and services which are local to me (and they don't feel like ads at all), or they are for products which I have recently viewed (and often already purchased) on Amazon.

To the casual, every-day user of Facebook, the list of data points might seem terrifying, so it's good that Facebook are highlighting how you are targeted.

What many people don't realise however, is that through more 'careful' use of Facebook, you can 'train' the site to show you more of what is relevant to you in your daily life.  For example, if you are fed up with cat videos and want to see more sport related content, then search for sport and Like, share and comment on more of it.  Gradually Facebook's algorithm figures this out and feeds you more sport.  Simples.

Either way, just like regularly changing passwords, it is good online hygiene to regularly review your privacy settings on all the social sites you use, because every click, every Like and every comment you make tells Facebook that you want to see more of what you are engaging with.  

When you use the site with greater focus and discretion in how you engage with content, you'll find over time that Facebook becomes much more valuable to you as an every day user and as a marketer.