A great post here from Sara Arthur, who gently challenges our apparent Social Media addiction.

There are of course children and young adults growing up who might wonder why this post has even been written, because they see interaction through Social Media as normal as interacting with their friends face to face.

For the marketer, it's a different matter - one of how to tap into our target audience's constant interaction with Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter et al.

Yet there are still companies in many industries - particularly in the regulated space, who don't yet see Social Media as 'normal'.  After interviews and assessments, they employ a bright graduate, cheerfully informing them "Congratulations Sue, you've got the job and you start work on Monday; your desk is here.  Oh and by the way - you can't use Social Media in the workplace."

To those nearer my age, that would be like saying "Congratulations Phil - you've got the job.  By the way, you can't use the telephone."

You think that doesn't happen?  

I've met at least five twenty-somethings in major financial services organisations who have told me that their job role is specifically to research how their employer can use Social Media - but adding that they are not allowed access to any such sites at their place of work.

Sara Arthur's post highlights that Social Media is now part of our lives - with many people arguing that it is all too dominant.  One thing's for sure though - it isn't going away any time soon and far too many organisations are burying their heads in the sand as to its existence.