So this is YouTuber and New York based filmmaker Casey Neistat speaking at the YouTube Brandcast event this week in Australia.

In the eight minutes and twenty four seconds that he is speaking, any brands interested in using Social Media (let alone video), have the opportunity to pick up a few gold nuggets about what this wonderful medium is all about.

People and brands so often say that they don't 'get' Snapchat, but Casey's almost throwaway remark about connecting with your audience a few seconds a day, every day is key to the success of many big names and influencers online.

He also refers to the importance of brands selling ideas - not products, which is another key ingredient when using YouTube and Social Media.

If you're not familiar with Casey Neistat, I urge you to subscribe to his YouTube channel, where you'll see him walk the talk - literally making a short movie every day and connecting with his audience.

The videos that he makes too are valuable lessons in connecting with people.  They don't sell products (which he could so easily do), but tell simple stories about people like us - human beings living their lives.

Time after time, companies and sales professionals ask me "what's the best tool or app to connect with this or that audience?"

It's an understandable question, but for me it's the wrong question, because Social Media is not about tools or apps - but about connecting with people and engaging with them at a human level.

People first.  Tools and apps second.