I wrote this article recently, and it's the culmination of a lot of work examining how financial advisers use Social Media and the benefits they can expect to see from it.

The premise of the piece is that it suggests that financial advice professionals will be unlikely to see the acquisition of new clients coming directly from their use of Social Media - but that using the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will have profound other benefits to their businesses which will indeed ultimately lead to them attracting new clients.

What I'm particularly pleased about is Sheila Scarborough's comment where she suggests that I could take out the words 'Financial Adviser' and replace them with just about any other profession, and the advice in the article would still hold. 

Members of the professions should stop seeing Social Media as something they should try out on the off-chance that it will attract clients, but to see Social tools as assets of their business - assets which are integral to their processes, proposition and overall business plan.

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