Everything about this article shouts about the importance of being committed to amazing Customer Service, which clearly is increasingly at the heart of great corporate Social Media.

All of us have been to a conference where the speaker on Customer Service said that 'today's most unhappy customer is potentially tomorrow's best advocate for your business' and they are bang on.

The legendary example of Luka's lost Jay ZX from his newly bought Ninjago kit is a classic example of great Social Media.  In many ways it's no different from a great reply that was sent in response to a customer's letter - it's just been executed through Social Media.

The article also gives us a fascinating insight into the structure of Lego's Social Media team and the metrics they are looking for - but with Lars Silberbauer Anderson (global senior director of social media and video at Lego) saying that ultimately a social media strategy focuses “more on minimising damage than driving sales.”

That tells us that Customer Service is right at the heart of driving sales.