No great surprises here, but it does reinforce the message that Social Media is really a tool for people to interact and engage with each other - a place where, for the most part brands are not particularly welcome.

So why don't brands understand this?

Actually, brands would be made very much more welcome if they understood the concept of 'people buy people'.  But more often than not, they find that difficult because it's their brand that they want you buy into; what it stands for, its history, its reputation and values - not its people.  And that's despite them saying that 'its people are its greatest asset' - something you'll often find early on in the Staff Handbook.

But as the article states, some brands are getting it right by making their use of Social Media as personal as possible and unobtrusive.

Social Media is about Community - and woe betide strangers who barge in and try to sell us stuff.  Build relationships at a personal level, add value, educate and entertain and slowly but surely you'll get our attention.