A great read, with some fascinating cold truths starting to appear about the future of newspapers.  

I for one have never understood the utter fascination with them, when in the next breath we are quick to sagely nod and agree with our friend or neighbour who says "you shouldn't believe everything you read in the newspapers"

Yet we - particularly TV news and current affairs schedulers seem to bow in reverence to the front pages as if they are sacred tablets of stone handed down to us every day.  Why for example is any time given at all to analysis of the newspapers on the Andrew Marr programme on Sunday mornings?  How and why are their views relevant?

Frankly, who gives a stuff what the view is of a newspaper and its owner - not me.  Social Media tells it how it is, with ordinary citizens speaking from their hearts.  It may sometimes be hard, harsh and uncomfortable reading, but the wisdom of crowds online is far more likely to influence the result of an election than any newspaper.

Donald Trump also speaks from the heart.  And yes, for many his remarks also make for uncomfortable reading - but that ladies and gentlemen is the key to great use of Social Media.

Emotion - in all its forms is what drives engagement on Social Media, and so unfortunately old media is quickly losing its relevance in our online world.

Photo credit:  BBC