I was once told by a psychologist that all of us - to a greater or lesser extent, tend to reveal more about ourselves on Social Media than we generally intend.

We often give a knee-jerk response to content which impacts us emotionally, and fueled by the perception that we can semi-hide behind our computer or phone screen, it's easy to see how quickly an inappropriate Social Media post by an organisation can be spread far and wide.

Emotion is another factor influencing why many of us take to Social Media when we have a Customer Service issue, so Social Media managers need to plan for possible problems well in advance.  

One idea I recommend is that companies and organisations have the Social Media equivalent of a Fire Alarm Test on a monthly or even weekly basis - and test out responses to various Social Media gaffes and situations.

All too often an organisation is not prepared for a Social media backlash, so the 'Social Fire Alarm Test' is a great way to practice and manage such a situation.

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