One of my favourite pastimes is watching people taking LinkedIn far too seriously.

Only yesterday I saw a lady posting a photo on LinkedIn of her Dachshund dog which accompanies her to the office each day.  It was sporting a Christmas hat.  

Somewhat inevitably a string of comments followed, all saying "This isn't appropriate for LinkedIn" and "This isn't Facebook you know" and "LinkedIn is for professional networking".

But it's interesting to note that 'Bumble's picture got 2,113 likes and 156 comments, whereas the post immediately after about 'the importance of regularly reviewing your company pension arrangements' managed an impressive 2 likes and no comments.

So it was fascinating to spot that LinkedIn has introduced emojis to their mobile app.  

It's a curious move for LinkedIn, but of course they know all too well what they are doing.  As a site they need to look more like Facebook, though they will always struggle to get the balance right between projecting an air of professionalism and encouraging engagement.

Emojis and the like will always be hated by many of their users, but guess what - they will be used and they will aid communication - and that means keeping more eyeballs on the LinkedIn platform for longer.

And that's the secret trick behind using LinkedIn successfully to attract new customers - communication and engagement.  Use the tools at your disposal (sparingly!) and watch the magic happen.

Bring on the cat videos.