I don't know if anyone ever checks to see if the annual crop of technology and Social Media predictions come true, but these all seem to be pretty well spot on to me.  

Number 7 "Niche social platforms will rise in relevancy" is a really important one, giving consultants and experts a great way to build and dominate their niche.

Oh, and the big one is in there too - AR, VR, MR or whatever you want to call it but augmented and virtual reality is going to change everything.  Again.

But none of it's going to be of any use at all unless you have a plan.  Not having a clear plan or documented strategy is still the main reason why brands and entrepreneurs fail to see the returns they were expecting from Social Media.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that having a plan would be a no-brainer for brands, but I never cease to be amazed at how few have one when I meet them, run training or speak at their conferences.