Possibly the most useless explainer video in history, complete with that really irritating, jolly background music that everyone uses on their videos these days.

Yes, the look and feel of LinkedIn is fresher, but the overall design is still a mess with some functionality hidden in the last place you'd expect to find it.  In some respects there is too much functionality and there is a lack of consistency across mobile devices and operating systems.  

One thing LinkedIn is consistent in is removing great features, and once again along with the new look we find a few things have been either watered down or removed.  It didn't take me long to discover that the Interests section has disappeared in the new look - one of the single best features the site had for finding and connecting with like-minded individuals.

That said, the site is still incredibly powerful - if you take the trouble to learn its tricks.  Like any other piece of software, you need to learn how it works and you need to understand how to draw attention to yourself in the most professional way possible.

The new-look is intended to follow the design of their mobile site, which certainly has some some logic to it, albeit not perfect.

Not surprisingly, commentators are already remarking about the similarity the new look has with Facebook.  That will doubtless annoy die-hard LinkedIn fans, but it is inevitable that this will happen.

And like Facebook - businesses and entrepreneurs will also have to expect to start paying more for greater visibility.  That too is inevitable.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive fan of LinkedIn because I still get 85%+ of my speaking and Social Media consultancy work through the site, but my goodness LinkedIn is desperately slow to evolve and develop new services to meet the modern marketplace.