It's fair to say that the new-look LinkedIn has gone down like a ton of bricks with large numbers of members.

The speed of the site is a common issue, but the complaint which towers over everything else is the removal of Advanced Search as we know it.

Time and time again we see LinkedIn removing its best features and then wondering why everyone complains.  They also have this idea that simplification is what people want, and in so doing manage to ruin a perfectly good feature which was fine in its original form.

Enough of the moaning though. LinkedIn remains an incredibly powerful networking tool and at the end of the day, it is how you go about engaging with people at a human level which determines your experience of the site.

Social Media is about people first, and we need to stop getting over-excited about the technology, the tools and the features at our disposal.

However, LinkedIn seems to be listening and their 'Director of Product Management, Search & Discovery' posted this statement just a few days ago, so better news is on the horizon for lovers of Advanced Search.