We're starting to see some wonderfully philosophical articles about the effectiveness or otherwise of online advertising and this is no exception.

Learned marketing professors such as Mark Ritson are quick (and right) to highlight many brands' over-excitement at the potential impact of Social Media and other forms of digital advertising, and his views are increasingly supported by hard facts - not least of which was that Facebook video views have been inflated.

Like everything else in life, we live in a period of change - and change at high speed.  Everyone's right and everyone's wrong about digital advertising; nobody really knows what's going on.  I suspect the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

If you don't yet know him, please do follow Mark Ritson on Social Media.  His views about marketing, advertising and social media are always worth taking notice of, and I would strongly recommend that you watch him speaking on YouTube where you will find his wit, wisdom, expertise and references to 'horse shit' extremely refreshing.