This is another article which could so easily have had the word 'creepy' in the title, but the sense of what is being highlighted here is hard to ignore.

True, many employees might find a follow or friend request from their CEO on Social Media to have the potential to feel 'awkward' but the benefits to leaders and employees far outweigh any potential concerns.

What's interesting is where the follow request is coming from.  If from Facebook, a new employee might find this request slightly intrusive, but if it came from LinkedIn it would probably feel completely natural.

If the request comes from a CEO or other leader early in the employee's time at the company or organisation it might well feel entirely normal - particularly if the company clearly highlights during the interview process that Social Media is a core part of both their customer proposition and employee engagement process.

You can find any number of articles on the internet about effective leadership, but CEOs' use of Social Media is rare to find.  A good article, the contents of which are well worth considering.