You will find any number of articles on the right and wrong way to use LinkedIn.  But here, LinkedIn's founder Reid Hoffman shares his own views.

Professional networkers often talk about the importance of making introductions for other people, and that is at the heart of Reid's advice.

That said, different members of LinkedIn will have their own thoughts on how the site should be used.  The problem though is that with the exception of perhaps recruiters, most people actually have no idea at all how best to use the site, and have no plan or strategy in place.  And as a result are wasting this valuable business resource.

There tend to be two schools of thought on this - some say you should connect with as many people as possible, whilst others only connect with a small and niche group of people.  Neither approach is either right or wrong - but what IS important is that you use LinkedIn proactively and have a clear plan for how you want it to work for you.

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