The day I fell down the stairs in a London office block changed everything for me...

A little while afterwards I was laid off. Being made redundant isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Everyone's situation is different, but the results are usually the same...

For many people, it strikes the fear of God deep into your soul. Almost as soon as the words come out of your boss’s or HR manager’s mouth, your mind starts racing. Questions about being able to meet your mortgage, rent and other commitments loom large in your mind, your heart beats faster and a sense of vulnerability and dread begins to take hold.

Hi, my name is Philip... And a few years ago, it was no different for me. The company I was working for had been taken over and I was no longer needed. But at the time of my laying off I wasn’t particularly enjoying my job anyway; I’d been doing it for years and it was no longer exciting me. The money had been good but I just didn’t feel inspired any longer, so perhaps this was a blessing in disguise.

I’d always been brought up to have a ‘proper job’ – something my Mum called a “job for life”, but around the time of my redundancy I’d been reading how the Internet was helping more and more people like me to follow the path of self-employment. It offered some appeal.

My wife and family would have none of it – not surprisingly they wanted me back out there applying for jobs as quickly as possible! 

But after a couple of weeks relaxing in the summer sunshine at home, redundancy payment in the bank, my head was telling me that I just couldn’t face going back into the corporate world – the endless meetings, endless reporting, endless internal restructuring and endless justifying my existence.

My job was hurting me – physically and mentally. Something had to change. And here’s why.

Just a few weeks earlier I had attended our monthly board meeting in London where I presented my department’s figures, and that month they hadn’t been great. In fact, they’d been on the decline for the last two quarters.

“You and your team aren’t cutting it Phil and you’re not on top of your numbers” one of the Board members barked at me. 

Tom was a short, grumpy, middle-aged and stocky individual who never looked you in the eye and he looked like an extra in one of the Godfather movies. I didn't have the answers Tom was looking for, and it was one of those moments when I felt sweat starting to run down my back. I just wanted to get out of there.

An hour later, after I had been humiliated, my shirt was wet through and the meeting concluded with frowns all round. We packed up our note pads and computers and I left the room with my colleague John and my boss Dave. 

Dave was another 'hit man' in the organisation. He was very good at making himself appear to be friendly, but he'd just as quickly knife you in the back. In fact, it wasn't just my team's figures that were concerning the board members - the company as a whole was floundering and a new, tough management team had been parachuted in to 'tidy things up'.

Our offices were in a seventies-built block on Victoria Street in London and the lift wasn’t working so we took the stairs to get to the ground seven floors below. Our feet clattered and echoed noisily on the marble staircase and Dave suggested we grab a Costa around the corner to ‘debrief’. “Deep joy” I thought.

But as Dave spoke, to make a bad day worse, I missed my footing and slipped, causing me to take a hard tumble on the step and fall clumsily down a flight of the stone staircase. As I fell I twisted my ankle and smashed my shin on the marble and ended up knocking the back of my head on the stone floor – finally coming to an ungainly and painful rest on my back, my bags lying scattered around me.

My colleague John had been just ahead of me and quickly turned back to see if I was OK. Dave my boss was behind me and adopted a different approach to my situation, and asked:

“Is the laptop OK?”

I was still lying on my back and feeling a little sick when he said it and I have no doubt he meant it with all seriousness. “Bastard!” I thought. 

That was it; I’d had enough. 

And yet just a few weeks later it seemed that my prayers had been answered – I was offered redundancy...

So now I was sitting in the garden at home, contemplating what I’d achieved during the previous twenty-five years of employment. All in all, I had enjoyed it; making a living as a representative for an insurance company had had its moments and there were things that I was good at, things that I had enjoyed and I’d developed skills I could use if I pursued self-employment. I had knowledge that I could share with others - if only people would pay me for it...

One of those skills was speaking in front of groups of people. In fact I’d enjoyed speaking since I was at school, and the aspects of my job I’d enjoyed most were large sales presentations, seminars and speaking at industry conferences and events.

Although she was desperate for me to get back into the corporate world, it was my wife Sarah who suggested that I write a book about giving seminars and sales presentations – her thinking being that it could be useful to other people and that we could make some money out of it. I relished the idea and set to work on this exciting new challenge. 

By pure coincidence, a top US literary agent was in London and was to host a full day workshop on 'how to get published by the first publisher you approach'. 

It turned out to be one of the most valuable workshops I’ve ever attended.

I literally followed everything the presenter said to do - to the letter - and in 2004 my book was published – by the very first publisher that I approached! They also accepted it on the very first day they received my synopsis.

I was incredibly proud of my book and will never forget the day that my personal copies arrived in the post. It was all my own work and I felt a real sense of achievement. My publisher even got me a slot on BBC Breakfast TV and a guaranteed second book deal. 

Life was looking up again.

It was around then that I discovered that speaking professionally was a viable option. At least that was what people were now telling me.

At networking events, I met speakers who were traveling the world and seemingly making a great living. I attended events where top speakers from the US and Asia were presenting and I was mesmerised by their skills and business models. 

They had all written books and many shared ‘secrets’ on how to make money at the back of the room. Several of them were represented by speaker bureaus and agents, and I invested time, energy and money in learning how to create ‘One Sheets’ and other promotional materials to attract the attention of speaker bookers and gain speaking engagements. It was great fun and I relished in mixing, moving and shaking in this exciting new world.

There was just one problem. None of it made any difference.

I read every book about the speaking profession, I worked hard on my speaking skills and talked to as many speakers as possible to gain valuable insights into how they run their businesses. They all seemed to make it look so easy, and whilst my speaking bookings increased a little, they didn’t reach anything like what could be described as a viable business. 

I had a book to my name, I’d been on TV, people were telling me that I was good at what I was doing but my accounts told me I was missing a trick. It just seemed impossible to get regular speaking work or break into the ‘big league’. Either the big-league speakers weren’t telling the whole truth about the speaking industry or I had much much more hard work to do.

The problem looming large was that my redundancy money was disappearing fast and going back into the corporate world started to seem like the only option, yet the very thought of it made me feel sick to my stomach.

I’d reached a wall. And it was a high wall. It was make or break time.

And that's when I had my big "Ah-ha" moment. 

One evening when I was at a meeting of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK, I met someone who turned a light on for me. A light which changed everything.

That's when I decided I HAD to make a change.

The speaker that evening told me about a new type of website which enabled business owners to network and talk to each other online. Whilst LinkedIn had launched that same year, that was still very much a site to help people get jobs – and that was something I’d convinced myself I didn’t want.

The website I discovered was called It’s long gone now, but it was what it enabled me to do which turned things around for me – and really quickly.

I realised almost immediately that there are things you can do online that you can’t do at scale in the ‘real world’. And that was the moment when I had my epiphany.

I had discovered Social Media and I realised that it was the vehicle for me to change people’s lives by sharing what I knew.

Back then we didn’t call it 'Social Media' but it was the forerunner to the sites that we know and love today like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, beBee and others. But what it offered was what would make all the difference to my speaking business.

And it happened immediately.

You see, Social Media gave me a platform to do two things:

1. To build a community, a tribe, a following – whatever you want to call it

2. To share what I know.

Literally the first day that I used the Ecademy website, speaking opportunities were presented to me. Not all were paid speaking opportunities by any stretch, but they were speaking openings and breaks. Suddenly, because of Social Media and the ability to create a following, a LOT more people could see me, hear me and interact with me.

Now Social Media is just one platform to build a following and to share what you know – there are many other ways to do it too.

But up until now, there hasn’t been anyone to teach you how to build a movement behind you and to find your voice and to make money from what you know…

About a year ago I discovered a man from Boise, Idaho in the United States. He was making millions of dollars teaching people how to sell their expertise through the Internet.

One of his teachings is the importance of building a following that not only purchase your products and services, but who are also loyal advocates for you and what you stand for.

This is great in principle and is something I quickly learnt the importance of if you are to have success online. But there wasn’t anyone teaching HOW to build that following.

That man from Boise, Idaho was Russell Brunson. To look at him, you’d think he’s still in college, but he has a fun, infectious and exciting way about him which is hard to ignore.

His knowledge on Internet marketing is simply second to none – in fact business and personal development icons like Tony Robbins are personal clients of his.

But what’s really exciting is that Russell’s latest book has just been published…

It’s called Expert Secrets and it’s flying off the shelves at an incredible rate. To put it into perspective, the typical NY Times best seller sells about 10,000 copies over its launch period, and Expert Secrets has already shifted over 30,000.

I’ve read Expert Secrets, along with Russell’s previous book Dot Com Secrets and quite frankly they are game changers…

But here’s the best part – you can get a copy for FREE! 

It’s a genuine offer of a real book that will be delivered to you in the mail. Russell pays for the book and all he asks is that you cover the shipping.

All around the world, there are people who are experts – but who don’t have a following; a following that could change their lives if only they knew how to build and leverage it.

Expert Secrets reveals how to find your message, build your ‘tribe’ and change people’s lives – what’s more Russell documents a step-by-step process that you can follow.

It helps you to build your message and get it out to more people who need your expertise.

Your message matters and Expert Secrets provides the blueprint for getting it out to those who need to hear it.

The impact that the right message can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable. It could help to save marriages, repair families, change someone’s health, inspire an idea, grow a company or more… 

But only if you know how to get it into the hands of the people whose lives you have been called to change.

So… where should Russell send your free book to?!

"Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a MassMovement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice..."

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