There are increasing numbers of discussions about the apparent lack of reach these days for articles posted on LinkedIn.

In the early days, an article could be expected to be viewed several thousand times, but the reach you can expect today has dropped significantly.

Personally I think it's a design issue - and the same goes for posts in LinkedIn groups.  Since the look and feel of groups changed, reach AND engagement dropped like a stone, and I think there is a similar issue with articles on the site.

Die hard LinkedIn users are trying to figure it out, and have been looking for the magic formula.  There isn't one - but there are things you can do to improve matters.

This is an excellent post which puts the focus back on using LinkedIn status updates to expand your reach, and it's well worth a read.  I've added a few thoughts and a strategy of my own in the comments.

By the way - the site that this article is written on is called beBee.  It's very much like LinkedIn, but within the beBee community, the reach of your posts can be extensive.  

Well worth a look.


Update to this post:

I tried the approach suggested and within 3 hours, my status update on LinkedIn has had 397 views. Result.